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Euromillions is the biggest lottery in Europe with a Jackpot which can reach 185 million euros. The draw is held in Paris twice per week - every Tuesday and Friday.

To play you select seven numbers - five main numbers in the range 1-50 and two lucky star numbers in the range 1-11. To win the Jackpot all seven numbers must be matched.

However there are 13 levels of prizes and you need to find only two main numbers to win a prize.


You can play Euromillions as an individual by buying one or more tickets at 2 each, selecting your numbers and hoping for the big win, but the odds against a single ticket winning the jackpot are vast.

However, you could join a syndicate, pay a small weekly membership fee and increase your chances of winning greatly by sharing a number of tickets with other members.

The Euromillions Jackpot starts at a MINIMUM of 15 MILLION EUROS but if not won the jackpot rolls over to the following draw from Tuesday to Friday to Tuesday etc. It continues to roll over, until won and it has often exceeded 100 million euros.

Euromillions is therfore the ideal lottery to play in a syndicate. The prizes are so high that a member share of a Jackpot win will always be a life changing amount.


We set up and manage syndicates to play Euromillions.

As a member you enjoy playing 48 tickets every week. 24 tickets every Tuesday and 24 Tickets every Friday.

Members may join for 4 weeks at 5.65 per week or for 12 weeks at the reduced rate of only 4.95 per week. For this small weekly subscription your syndicate will play 48 tickets every week.

Numbers are selected by the organisers. Your syndicate will play the same 24 lines every Tuesday and every Friday.



There are 59 members in each syndicate who share 100% of the prizes gained by the syndicate.

Euromillions prizes are so large that every member share of a Jackpot win will be a huge life changing prize. However there are 13 levels of prizes and the syndicate requires only two of its main numbers to be matched to win a cash prize. Therefore it wins small prizes regularly.

Every syndicate member receives his or her prize share automatically into an online account. Members can make withdrawals at any time and a cheque is forwarded by post.

However, the main object is to win the Jackpot. The secret is to play regularly making a small weekly wager. You could use your weekly wager to buy 1 or 2 tickets @ 2 each or you could join a syndicate share 48 tickets for only 4.95 and increase your chances of winning the dream Jackpot.



  • The fun of playing 48 tickets every week for a small investment and with a real chance of cash prizes.

  • Enjoy playing twice every week.

  • Pay equivalent of approx. 10p for every ticket played.

  • Everything is done for you automatically no queuing for tickets, no lost tickets, no unclaimed prizes.

  • Playing with a 4800% greater chance of winning the Jackpot.

  • Play from home receive a weekly email of results and breakdown of prizes.

  • See your winnings automatically appear in you online account.

For more fun and much better chances it is clear that joining a syndicate is the smarter way to play Euro Millions. As the Syndicate Manager organises everything for you it is also the easiest way to play. He will find the members, collect the stakes, buy the tickets, check the results and share out the winnings. Any members who drop out are replaced and members are kept informed of syndicate numbers, results and winnings.


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